Tuesday, July 20, 2010

That "Mom"!!!

I joke a lot with my friends and coworkers at church about being "that mom". You know, the crazy, over protective, no body wants to keep your kid because they are afraid you might lose it if they do something wrong kind of mom. Well I work at the summer camp at church and we always end up with that one kid who always has a runny nose, never has enough diapers, never has a change of clothes, and always seems to be ill. We complain about those poor children who really have no control over any of the above mentioned things. We try to keep them at arms length and really hope that their moms come get them before they need another nose wipe. Well today I took my babies and dropped them off just like I would any other day. Ian is in my class, and within about 15 minutes I was thinking "oh no...I am 'that mom'". His nose was running all the way down his chin and when he sneezed it was like a slim bomb went off. He was just yucky! I consoled myself with the thought, "at least he is in here with me and no one else has to deal with it". Then with only about 40 minutes left before we could escape and go home with no harm done, Asher's teacher comes to tell me that Asher is in the bathroom crying for me. Poor little guy. He was miserable. He had wiped his nose so many times that it was bright red. The teacher gave me "that look". You know, the one that says..."why in the world did you bring your kid here today knowing he was sick and expose all of the other poor innocent children to his sickness spreading germs that are leaking out of his nose at this very moment". Well I did what any responsible mother would do. I brought him to my class to tend to him myself. You know, the class with all the babies....the babies who have not yet had enough life experience to build up immunities to this kind of thing. Well all I can say is...Thursday just might be a slow day for me. Not really! I made sure he didn't touch anything and he stayed away from the babies, but I was just wondering what in the world his teacher was thinking. I mean, he had already been around those children for 3 1/2 hours. I don't think a few more minutes could really do that much more harm. But I guess she wanted to be sure we shared the germs with everyone.... (the lesson today was on sharing)!

The whole point of this I ended other being the other "mom". The one who sends her sick kid to church to be around all the other kids and give them his sickness. That mom is the worst kind and I took that role on full force today.

I guess I need to go now. My poor sick children need me.

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