Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sugar Ants!

Take this scene in for just a moment. Asher is sitting at our high-top table in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal as we are discussing the days events to come. He turns around to see me at the sink and accidentally knocks the entire bowl of cereal off of the table with his elbow. Now if this were a normal table it might not have been as bad, but this is a high-top table so the bowl bounced a couple times throwing milk and cereal everywhere. When I say everywhere I mean everywhere. It was all the way up the walls, on the cabinets, on all four chairs and even on the underside of the table. I cleaned the mess up quit thoroughly immediately and was thinking the entire affair was over.

The very next day Asher was eating a bowl of apple sauce and the same exact thing happened. Once again I cleaned the kitchen as best I could. Then yesterday I found it! A trail of sugar ants going from the back door all the way through the kitchen. Mind you, I am a little bit of a clean freak and the thought of anything in my house causing any kind of bugs (even if they are harmless sugar ants) to come in sends a chill up my back. I killed all the ants in view and cleaned the floor as best I could.

This mornig....THEY WERE BACK!!! Dum, dum, dummmmm! So I hauled everything out of the kitchen, even taking everything out of the pantry and mopped...twice! If those darn ants come back I think I might just go a little crazy! Why is it that such a small creature can cause so much stress and cause me to expel so much energy on a clean up mission?


  1. I hate ants.. and I cannot figure out how they get in sometimes. Your kitchen is super duper clean now!!

  2. hilarious. poor asher! he's got a knack for doing that, huh? well, how bout having ants in your car! i had a problem with those last summer... and now i'm starting to see one or two hanging out again. and the thing is, i don't eat in my car or anything. very odd.