Saturday, July 24, 2010

Busy Week

Well we have a busy week ahead of us. Our friend, Charlie, came into town last night. We went to eat at our favorite place, Jubilee Joes! (Oh, and I checked out that consignment store right next to it and found the cutest yellow purse for only $16.00. They have some really cute stuff. I will have to make another trip.) He spent the night last night. Now I have to wash sheets and get ready for Nathan's parents who are coming into town tonight. His dad will leave in the morning, but his mom will be with me all week! My mom and sister-n-law will come into town next Saturday before the party.

I will be in full blown party planning mode all week. I have to work Tuesday and Thursday morning and Wednesday night, but at all other times I will working on the party! There is trail mix to mix, rice crispy treats to make, a huge cake to bake and decorate and a watermelon to carve. Ian is having his pictures taken on Wednesday, and I still haven't figured out what he is going to wear on the big day! And somewhere in there I have to keep Mrs. Jan entertained so that maybe she will come back some time. I am so nervous and stressed already.

On a higher note, Ian is WALKING! It is official. He is a walking boy. He still prefers to crawl because it is faster, but he can walk across the room. I am so happy for him but a part of a mommy's heart breaks when her baby takes his first step. I think it is the same part of the heart that tells her she needs another baby....(no not yet, I promise).


  1. Yay for the little walker!! Can't wait to see him in action. Sorry I am not there to help you this week :( But I know it will all be fabulous for Saturday. You are a great party planner!