Thursday, August 19, 2010

Going Back to Work

Well, it is official. I am employed. I will be working at the Valleydale Mother's Day Out program starting in September. I am very excited, extremely over whelmed, a little nervous, and a tiny bit sad. I am so happy for Asher and excited to see how much he grows and learns. I am over whelmed at the amount of information I have to grasp in the next couple weeks. I am nervous about this whole lesson plan thing. I have never done this before, and we really don't have any "teaching" help. There is a lady who taught last year that has offered to give me her lesson plans from last year though.

I am just a tiny bit sad that I will not be able to stay at home with Ian like I did for Asher. He will be really close and I will be able to check in on him a couple times throughout the day though. I know it will all be okay. I am sure he will enjoy getting to be around all the other babies. Asher is very excited. He loves to learn and is looking forward to making new friends. I have to decorate my room and do all that fun stuff in the next week. Keep me in your prayers. Life is about to change in the Crocker house!

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  1. I am so excited for you!! I think you will love it and have tons of fun with these kiddie poos. I will help you any way I can!! You will do fabulous!